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Who am I?

I love communication in all its forms: a well written story, an article, an impressive photo, an enthralling radio show, an innovative website, an unusual movie clip or new social media.

I must confess, though, that above all I love printed paper. Since I was born I've been smelling the scent of ink on the pages, my father was a typographer. I've always loved talking, with everybody; I got this from my mother.

Looking back at my studies, I can see a great consistency: classical human studies, degree in agroindustrial economics (with an unfulfilled dream of studying philosophy!), drama school, many language courses, communication and marketing. And tasting. And yet, there was a time when I used to hate wine and cheese! Then someone made me change my mind, passing this great passion on to me. Since then I never stopped exploring and discovering wines from all over the world and genuine food, rooted in its territory. I always say, I met the right people at the right time.

What have I learned?

My wine related career path began by chance, with a grape harvest, through the cellar (I was helping the cellar manager), then to the wine bar, the visitors reception, and eventually I became brand ambassador and external relations manager. A truly fulfilling and original growth in the world of communication and public relations.

I worked with several eminent wineries, in Valpolicella and in Franciacorta. And the more I could travel around Italy and the world to talk about wine, the happier I was.
Before it became popular I set out to conquer WSET in London. I travelled so much, following my natural attraction towards the unknown.

I am appreciated for my competence, reliability and sincerity. Now I'm back in the place where I started from and I was beginning to miss: “my” Valpolicella.


What can I do?

I am a communicator, I create and take care of the online and/or offline communication strategy for small and mid-sized businesses, mainly but not only wineries. I organize their corporate image, I write texts, press releases, contents, editorial plans and, most importantly, I set up cooperation projects and connections with the media and with specialized organizations, in order to increase visibility for the corporate image. Although I am not a graphic designer nor a webmaster, I can count on the support of highly qualified professionals in such sectors.
I am increasingly involved in subjects of the likes of agriculture, food and nutrition education, which is often related to tourism, and I am also involved in cultural and social projects, with a particular focus on new media tools.


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From the blog

A journey tale

"Know nature which you are part of, and you will be yourself and you will know yourself without any concern nor effort. You are the things that you see."

So wrote Aristotle. We are what we choose to see, but we also are what we choose to drink and eat, where we choose to live, the places and the people we want to know.

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In this section you will find some links I draw inspiration from and with which I work.
My main references for my projects are:


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