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What do I do?

I take care of brand image, through brand positioning and relations management. I manage all aspects of media relations, identity management, corporate image and social responsibility.
The tools that I use are: websites, brochures, catalogues, product data sheets, press reviews, advertisement, direct mailing, blog, social networks.
I also use tools for corporate image creation, such as press releases, surveys on presence at events and fairs, search for sponsors, advertisement planning, listing in sector guides and strategic support in corporate image creation.

Who do I work for?

For those small and mid-sized businesses that want to improve their corporate image and increase relations with the media, with their customers and with consumers, helping them to communicate in a way that is consistent with their identity and values.

How do I work with others?

All decisions about communication are made together with the business management board or the family, who define the communication strategy and allocate a budget. I do my best to guarantee my presence in the premises, in order to get to understand the business, to become a part of it and to keep a constant and challenging dialogue alive every day.

Who works with me?

In the projects that I follow for the businesses I lead a network of contributors that are involved accordingly with the kind and complexity of the assignment.
Professionals with specific competences and expertise: web designers, programmers, graphic designers, photographers, translators, SEO specialists, as well as chefs and guides.

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A journey tale

"Know nature which you are part of, and you will be yourself and you will know yourself without any concern nor effort. You are the things that you see."

So wrote Aristotle. We are what we choose to see, but we also are what we choose to drink and eat, where we choose to live, the places and the people we want to know.

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In this section you will find some links I draw inspiration from and with which I work.
My main references for my projects are:


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